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Why should we book our shoot project at studio821?

For us, it’s as much about your clients experience as it is their photos. It’s important that photographers are set up for success to enjoy the process of creating. Our property is situated in a quaint local historic district of Newport, Ky just minutes from many outdoor landmarks that are also popular for photography including the scenic views of the Cincinnati skyline and Ohio river. Our circa 1900’s lodge hall has been featured on Beyond the Curb in 2018 and recently won a Historic Preservation award for Best Adaptive reuse of a historic building. Our spaces are functional, beautiful and authentic as are the furnishings that come with each. If you are looking for just open space then we are sure you will be quite happy here as well. If you want to dig a little deeper we encourage you to read from the many unsolicited comments in our social media. We are proud and humbled of what others have had to say and why they continue to book with us.

What type of projects are best suited at studio821?

We can accommodate a wide variety of shoots including commercial productions, professional photo and video shoots. With proper notice, you can book our entire property, multiple studios or just a single studio. We host industry events, educational meetups, group shoots and our popular Bridal Day of Beauty in the Ballroom. We have other studios close by that may better suit your project which include Garage on York/Backlot, Auditorium and KTCHN. Let us know your needs and we will do our best to guide you to the best location for your project.

May I arrive early to set up?

You or your clients may arrive early but we won’t be able to get you into your studio until your booked time begins. If you would like to unload please wait in the lobby until we can direct you. We ask that you book your studio to include set up and clean up. We will do our best to get you into your studio 5 minutes before your shoot begins. Always assume someone is in the studio before you. Even if the studio is empty, please don’t ask to go in early without making payment arrangements.

What if I need to reschedule?

We do not refund, however we will reschedule if... 
4hr or less booking – 48-hour notice 
4.5-8hr booking – 7-day notice 
Over 8hr booking – 7-day notice

*A Severe weather alert issued by local weather service does not require notice.

May I shoot in multiple studios?

Yes, you may shoot in multiple studios however you must book 1 hour minimum in each studio. It’s important to leave each studio as you found it and take all personal items to the next studio with you.

Can we use studio821 for other projects besides photo shoots?

Absolutely, although we are known primarily as a photo / beauty studio our “Bridal Day of Beauty” getting ready/brunches are very popular. We host many types of industry events, sweet 16 makeup/photo parties, educational classes and more. Let us know what your ideas are and we will do our best to help you plan.

Is your hourly rate the same for all projects?

Our prices are based on single photographer/client photo shoots which involve 9 people or less (in studio all at once including photographer) in your group. The scope of your project may very well be larger than this, but please let us know in advance or if your scope grows after you have booked with us. Please see our pricing page or feel free to reach out directly to understand your studio price before you book.

Are your beauty and wellness services separate?

Yes, our beauty services are individually owned and just moved 2 blocks north on York. Please reach out to each business owner directly for questions and bookings. They may be able to come to the studio if coordinated in advance with them.

Do you offer discounted rates?

Please let us know if you are planning something special that requires a discussion and possibly special pricing.

Does this FAQ apply to Garage on York or KTCHN studios down the street?

Please see to send your inquire via the “contact us” page. studio821 is able to book these studios if 3 hours or less is needed. The rate/hour is different than studio821.

Do you offer tours?

Absolutely, we encourage it. Tours are the best way for us to understand your needs while sharing with you what we have to offer. Tours are recommended M-F during natural daylight hours.

Who can book a studio?

It is highly suggested that the creative agency, director, photographer or videographer book and pay for studio time. It is best that your client doesn’t contact the studio to book or cancel.

Do you have an automated booking system?

We are currently working on our automated booking system. You will soon be able to view availability from each of our studio calendars, book your studio and make payments using our secure online payment processing center.

What things should I consider when booking?

  • Please know your paid studio begin and end times and coordinate accordingly. Plan for set up and clean up as part of your studio time. We will get you in studio a few minutes before your time begins if we can and expect you to be cleaned up and walking out before your end time is up. Please set an alarm as a reminder that your studio time will soon be expiring.
  • Please ensure that you arrive before your client does. Let us know if this isn’t possible.
  • Flexibility is important when using a shared studio. Please be flexible. Studio furnishings and equipment occasionally change. If you are planning your shoot around something specific please let us know in advance.
  • Please advise if a specific color backdrop is needed. You may use what we have. Our 3 standard colors in stock are white, black and charcoal however we normally have many other colors to choose from. If we don’t have your color in stock and have to go buy it, there will be a $50/roll charge.

How do I book?

Simply send us a private message from our Facebook page Let us know the following:

Which days and time of day you are inquiring about? 

What type of shoot?

How many total people will be in studio including you?

Any special needs or requests?

What payment system do you use?

We prefer that you send us a PayPal payment as “friends and family” to avoid fees. Please let us know if this doesn’t work for you.You must pay in full at booking time. We will communicate the amount and send you an email address to PayPal to at that time. Your payment receipt is also your confirmation for your studio.Your booking will be removed if we do not receive payment within 24 hours after reserving your studio.

Do you refund payments?

We do not refund. We will reschedule your shoot if we receive proper advance notice which varies depending on how many hours you book with us. We do not require a 48-hour notice of cancellation if our region has issued an official weather advisory. We will rebook you as availability permits.

May I add additional time during my shoot?

It’s preferred that you book enough time for your shoot including set up and clean up. Should you need additional time, please be sure to let us know as soon as possible so we can check availability. We may not be able to accommodate your request but will always try.

Does the amount of people that I bring to the studio affect my price?

Yes, larger groups are perfectly fine however over 9 (total at one time including photographer) reflects in price. Why, you ask? For us, It’s easier to host 2 people vs 20. If your scope increases after you book with us, please let us know. Pricing is also different for events, production shoots, meetups or anything different than a photo shoot.

What does my studio booking include?

Your booking includes the use of all furnishings, reasonable use of paper backdrops, and equipment that is in the studio that you book. We move or sell pieces so please be flexible in case your favorite something is gone or in a different location. If you are depending on using something specific for your shoot please check with us in advance to make sure it will be there. Let us know if you need a special color backdrop. With advance notice, we can purchase for you for a nominal fee.

What time should I arrive?

Ideally, we would like the photographer or coordinator to arrive at the same time or prior to clients so there is enough time to set up if necessary. We will try to get you in studio approx. 5 minutes earlier than scheduled. We do our best to facilitate the transitions of all studios and stay as close to on time as possible.

May I unload my equipment in advance of my studio time?

You may unload equipment from your vehicle in advance. If we aren’t at the studio when you arrive we should have already coordinated with you. Please wait in the lobby until your shoot time before you enter the studio.

May I have additional furnishings delivered in advance of my shoot?

Absolutely. Let us know if you are coordinating with a 3rd party for a drop off and we will be happy to work with you.

How accessible are your studios?

Our studios are situated either on the 1st, 2nd floors or lower level. Our 2nd floor has a wide, straight up shot for loading/unloading larger equipment. Our infinity studio is located on the lower level which is ADA compliant and is wheelchair accessible from the rear through a tunnel. Our building sits on a small hill and has approx. 8 steps from the street to the front door.

What is the best way to communicate with studio821 during a shoot should I need something?

PM us through Facebook as you normally do. You may also call Monica at 859.468.7030 or Ron at 859.992.7063 if you must talk to us right away.

May I move furniture pieces?

Items get moved all the time but please be sure to arrange things back so the studio looks intentional for the next photographer. Be aware that antiques are fragile. Know when to lift and when to slide. Be very careful not to scratch floors or break legs. Please straighten comforter if your client was on top of the bed.

Is there a way to control light during my shoot?

We currently have temporary solutions (please ask) however we are working on a long-term solution to control light from all windows in all studios.

Is there a way to control temperature during my shoot?

Each studio is temperature controlled using Smart Nest System. Feel free to manage the temperature as you need to when you arrive by turning the dial left or right but please DO NOT FORGET to set the thermostat back before you leave. Use common sense and error to the side of conservative settings to help us keep our costs down.

What is not permitted during my shoot?

We ask that you are a professional at all times while at studio821. Please make principle-based decisions, not money-based. Do what is right and fair at all times. Treat other professionals with respect. If you or your client breaks or damages anything, please let us know right away. Treat everything like it’s your own.

How do I keep track of when my studio time is up?

It’s your responsibility to be aware of what time it is. Please set your timer on your phone, have your Mom call you or whatever it takes to be cleaned up and out of your studio on time.

How should I leave the studio?

As good or better than you found it. We do our very best to come in and clean and organize after all shoots but sometimes it’s not possible. Please assume another photographer is right after you and we aren’t able to make it in ourselves. We don’t mind if things are rearranged but please be sure everything has its place and looks nice.

How often does the studio get cleaned?

We are in and out of studios all day long. We are either straightening up, cleaning with supplies, changing comforters (we have 5 for each bed that we rotate and take to the cleaners regularly) We have professional cleaners who clean weekly and we have furniture cleaners who clean on occasion. Thanks in advance for doing what you can to help us keep these costs as low as possible.
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